Stone County Collector of Revenue Vicki A. May

Stone County Collector of Revenue Vicki A. May was elected to serve Stone County in that capacity in 1998, beginning her first term as Collector in 1999.  Prior to being elected as Collector of Revenue, May served sixteen years as Stone County Treasurer, implementing procedures and software that are still being used in that department twenty years later.  Since her term as Collector, May has implemented and streamlined many procedures and policies of the collector's office, benefiting all taxpayers and taxing entities of Stone County.  
1) Online Real Estate Searches
2) Missouri Department of Revenue Personal Property Payment Research
3) Online Real Estate Payments
4) Online Personal Property Payments
5) Streamlined Tax Certificate Sale Procedures
6) Streamlined Collection Procedures
7) Implementation of Check21 processing
8) Implementation of Partial Payment Program
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Stone County Collector of Revenue
Vicki A. May